Benefits of drinking hot water

waterThe human body contains about 60% of the water and is one of the essential elements for the proper functioning of the organs and cells. It helps regulate body temperature, reduces friction between the joints, protects sensitive tissues, and is lost through sweating, The amount of water needed by the body varies according to many factors, including: weather, physical activity, health status, In general, women need about 11.5 cups Per day, while a man needs 15.5 cups. Benefits of drinking hot water in the morningMany people take hot water in the morning or before sleeping to get their health benefits, where water can make up for the body fluids needed, and the most important benefits of hot water
- relieve nasal congestion: It can help to relieve sinus obstruction and can reduce headaches. On the other hand, it can warm the body and relieve sore throat caused by accumulation of mucus.
- Improve digestion: As it helps to stimulate the digestive tract, as it moisturizes to maintain the co…