Benefits of drinking hot water

    Benefits of drinking hot water


    The human body contains about 60% of the water and is one of the essential elements for the proper functioning of the organs and cells. It helps regulate body temperature, reduces friction between the joints, protects sensitive tissues, and is lost through sweating, The amount of water needed by the body varies according to many factors, including: weather, physical activity, health status, In general, women need about 11.5 cups Per day, while a man needs 15.5 cups.

    Benefits of drinking hot water in the morning

    Many people take hot water in the morning or before sleeping to get their health benefits, where water can make up for the body fluids needed, and the most important benefits of hot water

    - relieve nasal congestion:
    It can help to relieve sinus obstruction and can reduce headaches. On the other hand, it can warm the body and relieve sore throat caused by accumulation of mucus.

    - Improve digestion:
    As it helps to stimulate the digestive tract, as it moisturizes to maintain the continuation of digestion, and move from the stomach to the intestine, it contributes to the reduction of waste, and in addition, it may help to dissolve some of the foods eaten and difficult to digest.

    - Calming the central nervous system:
    Drinking it may help relieve pain, and may benefit people with arthritis.

    - Help relieve constipation:
    Where it stimulates drinking constriction of the intestine, which helps to remove the accumulated waste from the body, so drinking regularly is useful for people who suffer from constipation, and helps to promote the health of the body in general.

    - Reduction of body toxins:
    Taking hot water or bathing it temporarily increases the body's internal temperature, activating the endocrine system and causing body sweating; it is a means of detoxifying and irritating the body from the surrounding environment.

    - Promote blood circulation:
    Where it can expand blood vessels, which in turn improves blood circulation, and may help to relax the muscles, and reduce pain, it is worth mentioning that the studies did not confirm this effect.

    - reduce pain:
    Hot water compresses are often used to relieve the pain a person feels, so drinking may also help reduce internal pain. This may increase swelling in some cases.

    - Fight colds:
    It stimulates the release of more mucus with coughing.
    - Tension reduction:
    Where drinking a cup of it can help to reduce the feeling of anxiety, tension, and one study has shown that eating hot drinks of all kinds may have the same effect, and heating the body has a role in improving mood.

    - Enhance the health of the skin:
    Drinking enough water can keep the skin moist and smooth. Hot water helps rid the skin of toxins and harmful chemicals, which damage the proteins in it, cause premature aging, and cause dark spots, thin lines , Wrinkles, and on the other hand, the drink enhances the flow of blood-rich nutrients to the skin; thus enhances its freshness, and reduces the problem of acne.

    - Control insomnia:
    Drinking before bedtime can calm nerves, increase rest during sleep, increase feeling of satiety, and reduce hunger during the night. Adequate sleep and water intake are important factors for health and vitality of the body.

    - Contributing to the treatment of esophageal reflux:

    This is called a palpitation (Achalasia) of the motor disorders of the esophagus, which makes it more difficult to transfer fluids and foods to the stomach, and hot water can reduce the main symptoms of this condition, such as: chest pain, dysphagia  Dysphagia, and Regurgitation; gastrointestinal reflux, in contrast, cold water increases the severity of these symptoms,

    It is important to note that hot water opens the door of the esophagus to the stomach, and thus facilitates the movement of food and fluids, it reduces the duration of constriction of the esophagus, and accelerate the transmission of waves, which leads to the expansion of the tube (esophageal lumen), The esophagus was not relaxed.

    - Contributing to weight loss:
    The hot water stays in the stomach for a longer period of cold water, which is absorbed faster, so it increases the feeling of fullness for longer periods, and may contribute to avoid eating snacks, although the studies did not confirm these results.

    Daily needs of water

     The daily needs of water are obtained in most adults by drinking water when feeling thirsty, and although we always hear the advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but it is not known the source of this determination, has been determined Adequate Intake of water by studying the amounts of water consumed daily in a US national survey of healthy people with little physical activity living in temperate climates,

    It is important to consider the need to increase the amount of water consumed daily in the warm atmosphere, when exercising or any other physical activity
    The total amount of water that the body gets daily is between 2,100 to 2800 ml, an average of 2,600 ml, so that the drinking water (other than those found in foods and soups) is 1200 to 1500 ml, and the water in the food is 700 ml To 1000 milliliters, and the water produced in the body from food representation forms 200 to 300 ml. The total amount of water extracted daily from the body by the kidneys, faeces, skin and lungs is about 2,600 ml.

    It may be possible to rely on urine as an indicator of the adequacy of the body of water or not, where the urine should be light color and has no smell in the case of drinking water enough, while the color of urine dark and show a smell in the event that drinking water is enough for the body

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