Island of the Moon
    Island of the Moon

    Island of the Moon

    *Officially known as the Lunar Union, a state located in the Indian Ocean near the east coast of the African continent on the northern end of the Mozambique channel, in the area between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique, a group of islands with a total area of ​​about 1862 square kilometers, Ranked third as the smallest country in terms of space in the African continent.

    *It has a total population of 798,000 and, despite its high population density, is the smallest African country in terms of population. The Comoros is formally composed of four islands in the Comorian archipelago of the Comoros: Najazigiao Island, Mawali Island, Mahori Island, in addition to some small islands.

    *The State of the Comoros is the only State participating in: the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the League of Arab States, the Indian Ocean Commission, the African Union and the International Organization of la Francophonie.

    Geography and climate of Comoros

    *Moroni is the largest city and capital of Nagasaki Island, while an archipelago is located on the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean near Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar. There is no land boundary for the Comoros. Its climate is mildly tropical and rains occur in two seasons of the year . The month of March is the most rainy month of the year, which runs from December to April, with a temperature of 29-30 ° C. In the dry season, from May to November, About 19 degrees Celsius, and islands are exposed to a wave of strong hurricanes in the rainy season, Which destroys the infrastructure twice every decade. 

    Tourism in the Comoros:

    *Despite its small size, the Comoros is one of the most diverse countries among cultures, languages ​​and social classes. It has three main languages: Arabic, French, and Moon (relative to the Comoros). It also contains three social layers, "Nobles" are the roots of the family of Arab immigrants who married families of princes and sultans in the country at the time of the Islamic conquest of the islands.

    *Some historians claim that the Comoros was one of the first African countries where Islam spread, and some return to the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. What is certain is that the Comoros is associated with Islam through trade, which was a very important center for Muslim traders.

    *The Comoros does not come with a lot of tourists, but if you have the chance to talk to a resident of the Comoros, do not be surprised to speak with a proper Arabic tongue, and do not be surprised by his strong desire to promote his country in front of you. Identify them and travel to them for tourism and renounce marginalization a little and the Comoros will be in their next economic plans.

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