The strangest and most expensive insurance cases around the world

    insurance cases around the world
    insurance cases around the world
    It is known that insurance policies have been developed as financial policies that limit losses, a form of material compensation in the event of any damage, and that comes to mind immediately is the insurance of valuable property that may be owned by the individual such as the car or home or health, but some celebrities and influential companies and some of them « Insurance fever "satisfactorily, leading to insurance on some unexpected things, and the disbursement of large amounts of money towards them.
    Here we review with you some of the strangest insurance policies issued to date

    Mustache and chest hair

    Australian cricketer Merv Hughes insured his $ 370,000 bracelet.
    The famous British pop singer Tom Jones secured his chest hair with a 7 million riyals. An American hair care company insured American football star Troy Bolamalo, who is about 90 centimeters tall, with $ 1 million .

    Tasting may be equivalent to money

    Believe it or not, there is actually an insurance policy that covers your "taste". It was issued to Hungarian food critic Egon Ronay, who is credited with raising the quality of British cuisine in public places. The policy was worth $ 393,000.

    The most expensive tongue buds in the world

    The connoisseur, Gennaro Pelicia, may have the most expensive tongue in the world. The famous coffee company, Costa, insures his tongue as much as the buds in his tongue, and because the tongue contains 14,000 taste bud, each bud has an insurance equivalent of $ 1400, Total of $ 14 million.

    Insurance for love

    This insurance ensures that you will not be left alone on Valentine's Day. This type of insurance is the brainchild of insurance companies from Japan, where women are usually given gifts of chocolate for men on this day, so those who have registered insurance for this service will receive a package containing On chocolates and a personal message from a fun and funny lady.
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